Unity pokemon battle system

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Need Help Coding Pokemon/Turn Based Battle System

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Rather than let it die, I released the source as is. I have changed a lot of code that was either unused most unused assets were removed or were obsolete. There can be a lot of conflicts if you're looking forward to using this branch as a framework rather than the test-project branch. Please be aware that some features in this branch are incomplete the features in the test-project branch is being tracked and monitored by the build status.

I strongly recommend that you use the master branch as a base rather than the test-project branch. This branch is entirely experimental and the process of being completely redone all over -- possibility of breaking your fangame or other project. But since Ruby follows similar object-oriented coding structures, it's easy to mirror the code to function the same.

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Come level up your Unity skills and knowledge. Joined: Apr 12, Posts: Watch this videoI got most of the work done but I am having trouble with coding the enemy's turn in which I need text to display for an amount of time before damage is calculated and then the combat state is switched back to players choice. I tried using Invoke as seen in the video but the code runs multiple times which is why i'm stuck again Or if you have a better way of doing this whole menu system let me know, this is starting to become a headache.

MJGMay 29, Joined: Mar 16, Posts: 5, Most of these types of things are done with coroutines in Unity, specifically using StartCoroutine and passing in a function to call "over time.

Here is a simple example of such a time-drawn-out process: Code csharp :.

unity pokemon battle system

Action finished. Log "Turn begins! Log "Enemy announces actions Log "Enemy performs actions Log "Results of actions are viewable Kurt-DekkerMay 29, I recommend that you don't just copy and "apply" code, but rather understand the underlying construct used in my example.

Review functors and coroutines to see what is going on there, and how to apply it in your precise situation. Kiwasi and Mycroft like this. MJGMay 30, Joined: Mar 4, Posts: 1, Just using yield statements can accomplish what you want. IF you need to know when something has got to a certain state, you could do what kurt said and use a lambda expression for callback functionality and pass through logic. Maybe if you paste what you have completed so far, some can help you a little further.

It's not really clear what you're asking for at this point. SubZeroGamingMay 31, I got it to work thanks Kurt.GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. This includes when you can do it, its effects, damage, and more! Unity Attacks are extremely powerful attacks done together by all three players in a team. As a combined attack, it deals a whole lot more damage than singular Sync Attacks.

This means that it can have up to 3 different elements all in one strong attack! Unity Attacks can only be done during Co-Op Battles with other players. You won't get the option to do them in single-player battles.

The Unity Attack is tied to a Meter that is filled when players execute moves. It takes a while to fill, requiring quite a bit of Move Gauge from each player. Do moves without being interrupted by the enemy and you'll see your Unity Attack Meter fill up faster. This requires cooperation between your team to attack in sync with each other!

Pokémon Masters Co-op and Single-Player Battle Advanced Tips—Unity Attacks, Sync Moves, and More

Once the Meter is filled, anyone in your team can press the button to do the attack. Remember to communicate between your team and time the attack! Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Its licensors have not otherwise endorsed and are not responsible for the operation of or content on this site. Pokemon Masters Official Page. Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. Please be advised that we may not reply to every individual feedbacks. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use.

How To Do Unity Attacks. Pokemon Masters. Have some feedback? Click here Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. Reader Comments. Alias Optional Max. Looks like nobody posted here yet Read on.The battles on Pasio can also be pretty dynamic and have a lot of variety. You'll find the best strategies for single-player battles are a little different from those that work best in co-op battles.

The key to victory is selecting the right sync moves and making the most of sync moves and unity attacks. If you're looking to prove you're the best of the best, read on for some tips and strategies for both single-player and co-op battles.

unity pokemon battle system

These attacks even give your whole team a buff. While sync moves are an important part of both single-player and co-op battles, they should be an even larger focus of your strategy when you're playing by yourself. Unlike in co-op battles, where you take a similar number of actions as your teammates and the opposing team, in single-player battles, you have all three of your own sync pairs in battle at once.

This readies your sync move much more quickly because you take far more actions. Spend the turns leading up to your sync move by using lots of Trainer moves. Plus, you can use Trainer moves to increase the stats of the sync pair you intend to use the sync move. Many players base their single-player strategy on this principle and compose squads featuring one attacking sync pair and two support sync pairs.

Your sync move will charge much more slowly in co-op battles, so you'll almost never be able to charge up a sync move before your opponent does. Fortunately, co-op battles also introduce new weapons, and they're the key to success against hard opponents: unity attacks.

To take down the most powerful opponents, it's critical to fire a lot of unity attacks. Prioritize charging the unity gauge over almost everything else. A unity attack is an extremely powerful attack against all opponents by all three allied sync pairs combined, but you have to work together to trigger it.

The unity gauge fills up when sync pairs from your team continuously attack without the opponent making a move, and unlike with charging your sync move, Trainer moves won't help at all. The unity gauge charges slowly by default, but there's one trick to keep in mind. When all three allied sync pairs attack an opponent without the opponent attacking in return, a unity bonus is activated for a short time. When the unity bonus is in effect, your team's damage against the opponent increases and any ally's attack fills the unity gauge.

By working together to activate unity bonuses, you'll deal far more damage than you would by having sync pairs act independently. A popular strategy is to use two or three stat-increasing Trainer moves and then attack each turn until the opponent's sync move.

Doing this often allows for your team to use one or two unity attacks before your opponent can use a sync move, and it gives you time for your move gauge to build up so you don't run out of steam as soon as the unity bonus starts.

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You'll almost always do more damage this way than you would if you spent more turns increasing your stats, especially since you usually get to use fewer moves between your opponents' sync moves than you do in single-player.

Your opponents aren't just going to sit around and let you launch powerful sync moves or unity attacks uncontested, so it's important you do what you can to control incoming damage. Fortunately, there are some tricks to limiting incoming damage, but what you'll need to do is a little different in single-player and co-op.Discussion in ' Scripting ' started by AquintellOct 1, Search Unity.

Log in Create a Unity ID. Unity Forum. Forums Quick Links. Asset Store Spring Sale has begun! Unite Now has started! Come level up your Unity skills and knowledge. Joined: Nov 28, Posts: 5. Hey there, I am currently working at an Megamen-similiar game and im stuck and I do need help with two things, What are ways to actually trigger an event when the player runs and some time has past, after x Footsteps?

unity pokemon battle system

When the event is triggered i want the Game to change to the actual Battlefield. What is the best way to do this? Load another Scene? Move the camera to the battlefield that is also loadad in the scene in which the event is triggered? AquintellOct 1, Joined: Dec 22, Posts: Hey there, About the way of implementing a battlefield.

A different scene is the nicest way for the developer. It is easy to edit things and very nice looking in your unity project. Doing it in the same scene is probably the fastest way in terms of performance. It wont be that nice to implement, but if you do it correctly it is faster. It also depends on how the battlefield is looking. If it is the same kind of light, textures and so on creating it in the same scene is easier than if the battlefield looks completely different.

Hope I could help, Floris Weers. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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Was Pokemon GO made with Unity? Joined: Sep 23, Posts: 8. Someone told me this, but I can't find any official word of it online -- I'm just curious if anyone here knows. Thanks forum. Joined: Nov 24, Posts: 2, Joined: Dec 5, Posts: 16, Doesn't surprise me.


There is not a lot of tech involved. And Unity is pretty much the go to for any mobile game. For mobile, you need a very good reason to consider using something other then Unity. KiwasiJul 12, Joined: Jul 22, Posts: Joined: May 8, Posts: 8, It's got a made with unity splash screen.

Last edited: Jul 12, That's about when I did, iOS as well. Don't see it everytime, only when I force quit and restart. I'm actually a little surprised there haven't been requests for tutorials on how to make it yet.

Pokémon Battle System [JFF]

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